Joins Statewide “Tools for School” Campaign to Provide 500 Students in Southern Maine with Backpacks Stocked with Notebooks, Calculators, Rulers and More!    

July 13, 2011 - KENNEBUNK, ME.  As children and adults throughout Maine enjoy a well deserved summer vacation, the United Way of York County and several community partners are thinking ahead to make sure that children enter the new school year ready to learn, equipped with the tools they need to succeed, by joining a statewide effort to provide donated items such as backpacks, calculators, pens, pencils, rulers and composition notebooks to children unable to afford them. 

“One of our primary goals at United Way is to create and support efforts that help children and youth meet academic milestones and graduate on time,” says Kathryn Davis, President and CEO of United Way of York County.

Special Town of Woodstock, Maine Voting Results

Special Town of  Woodstock, Maine Voting Results

The town of Woodstock had a special vote for 3 issues on Tuesday, June 28.  One item concerned the acceptance of this year's school budget.  The other two questions asked residents whether they would allow the sale of hard liquor specifically on Sundays and/or if the town would allow sale of hard liquor from Monday to Saturday.  All three questions were overwhelmingly approved by voters.  The results were: Question 1 (school budget) YES-65, NO-24; Question 2 (Sunday sales) YES-61, NO-28; and Question 3 (Mon.-Sat. sales) YES-72, NO-16.  Approval of questions 2 and 3 now allows the State to decide whether a local business could become an agency liquor store.  There is a separate process for this to occur, if at all.

WinterKids appoints new Executive Director

WinterKids, the non-profit organization that helps children develop healthy lifelong habits through fun, outdoor winter activity, today announced the appointment of its new executive director, Julie D. Mulkern. Mulkern, who served as WinterKids' development director since September 2008, brings 12 years of professional non-profit experience to the organization, including resource development, program development, and staff and volunteer management in the public health sector.

"We are very pleased to welcome Julie to the executive director post," said Anna Fincke, president of the WinterKids board of directors. "Her creative vision, compassion and experience will shape and expand WinterKids in exciting ways, and guide our efforts to get more kids outside and active in winter.

Woodstock School Talent Show Raises Money for Class Trip

Woodstock School Talent Show Raises Money for Class Trip

In April, The Woodstock Elementary School held a Talent Show to raise funds for the annual 5th grade class trip.  There were many talented young performers that wow'd the crowd that night.  The teachers got into the act by performing a skit about waiting for a STORM CENTER snow day off.  The special song written by the staff to the tune of Love Potion #9, got lots of chuckles, but the biggest laugh came when the school secretary holding a box turned it to show a picture of NEWS CENTER weather forecaster Kevin Mannix when they sang, "Kevin's got the scoop...".  The above photo shows the participants in this skit.  The front row is Tanya Nicols (3rd grade teacher), Jess Wilkey (Kindergarten Teacher), Queda Billings (School Secretary) and Jolene Littlehale (Principal).

Rotary's Purple Pinkie Day Reminds Everyone of the Seriousness of Polio

Rotary's Purple Pinkie Day Reminds Everyone of the Seriousness of Polio

There is no cure for polio.  It is still crippling and killing people in Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Rotarians around the world go on NID's (National Immunization Days) to vaccinate children in countries where polio is still present. They place two pink drops of vaccine on the tongues of children under 5 and then paint their little pinkies purple so they will know who they have vaccinated. Since 1985 Rotarians have vaccinated over 2 billion children. The cost to vaccinate a child is just $1.00.

Purple Pinkie Day is the way the Bethel Rotary shows the children of the area that polio is still a problem in the world.  On Wednesday, April 13 all the children in the area's elementary schools will bring in their dollars so that they can be part of helping other children in the world. For every dollar they bring they get a finger painted by local Rotarians.

Maine Students Score Better Than in Most States on National Science Test

Maine students outperformed students in most other states on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the only test of student achievement that allows comparison of student performance across states.

Maine tied for the fifth highest science score in grade 4 and tied for eighth highest in grade 8. By some measures, such as percent of student proficiency, Maine ranks even higher on the test, which was administered in 2009 and is being reported today.

Statewide at the fourth grade, 42 percent of students in Maine scored at the “proficient” level or above. In the eighth grade, 35 percent of students scored at or above the “proficient” level.

Maine’s lower-income students are doing well compared to in other states and the nation as a whole. In Maine, 29 percent of students eligible for free or reduced lunch in the 4th grade scored at or above the “proficient” level compared to 16 percent nationally.