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Special Town of Woodstock, Maine Voting Results

Special Town of  Woodstock, Maine Voting Results

The town of Woodstock had a special vote for 3 issues on Tuesday, June 28.  One item concerned the acceptance of this year's school budget.  The other two questions asked residents whether they would allow the sale of hard liquor specifically on Sundays and/or if the town would allow sale of hard liquor from Monday to Saturday.  All three questions were overwhelmingly approved by voters.  The results were: Question 1 (school budget) YES-65, NO-24; Question 2 (Sunday sales) YES-61, NO-28; and Question 3 (Mon.-Sat. sales) YES-72, NO-16.  Approval of questions 2 and 3 now allows the State to decide whether a local business could become an agency liquor store.  There is a separate process for this to occur, if at all.

Woodstock Voters Go to Polls

Woodstock Voters Go to Polls

The polls open at 8:00am today (Tuesday 6/28) for citizens of Woodstock to decide whether or not they want to allow the sale of hard liquor in town.  This special vote was the result of the gathering enough signatures to put 2 questions on the special ballot.  The quesions ask voters whether they are in favor of the sale of hard liquor in the town and if so, whether it will also be allowed on Sundays.  Polls close at 8:00pm.

June Maine Tweetup to Be At the Porthole on 6/23

June Maine Tweetup to Be At the Porthole on 6/23

Are you on Twitter? Have you ever wanted to meet other Maine-based people who use this popular social networking tool IN REAL LIFE!

Then come on down to the Porthole this Thursday night (6/23/2011) for the June Tweetup and put faces to avatars and names to handles. It's a great way to meet, greet and network with other locals.

The event starts at 6pm and goes until 9pm. You don't need to register, but you can on our Facebook page and check out who else has RSVP'd already.

The Porthole is located at 20 Custom House Wharf in Portland, ME. See you there!


April Maine Tweetup on 4/28

April Maine Tweetup on 4/28

Come out and meet some of your favorite tweeps IRL! (In Real Life, as if you didn't know.)

April's Maine Tweetup will be Thursday night, 6pm - 9pm, 4/28 at Brian Boru's.

Think warm weather thoughts! If you do, we can hang out on the outside deck.

If you want to meet cool folks from Maine but you're not on Twitter yet, go ahead and get started now.

RSVP is not required, but you can do so anyway at our Facebook page.

Social Media Marketing for Beginners (6/14/2011)

Social Media Marketing for Beginners (6/14/2011)

This 1/2 day presentation is for businesses, non-profits and individuals who don't have a social media presence, or are just getting started with social media, or just don't know what to do with the social media they already have in place.

A good portion of the seminar will be in how to set up your accounts the right way, how to find and network with people online, and how to avoid classic mistakes in social media.

Who Should Attend?

Any business owners, marketers, PR professionals or non-profiteers who feel like their being left behind when it comes to social media.

What Will You Learn?
  • How to setup your Facebook profile and business page and get people to "like" you
  • How to manage your privacy on Facebook and other platforms
  • How to get started with Twitter and use it to drive traffic to your website or business
  • How to build your LinkedIn network so t

March Maine Tweetup

March Maine Tweetup

On Twitter? Live or work in Maine? Then you'll want to attend the next Maine Tweetup at Bayside Bowl on Wednesday, March 23rd at 6pm.

Come mingle with local Twitter people, raise a glass, and maybe even bowl a frame while you catch up with all your favorite tweeps. Consider sticking around after for Kill the Karaoke.

Date: Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
Time: 6pm until whenever
Place: Bayside Bowl, 58 Alder St., Portland, ME (map & directions)

Feel free to RSVP on our Facebook page!

Ice Mountain Takes Shape in Bethel

Ice Mountain Takes Shape in Bethel

When the Ice Mountain was planned it was hoped that ice climbers would be able to work their way to the top.  However, the lack of long periods of cold temps and a frozen water line have slowed the ice formation.  A bypass hose has been hooked up to get water to the upper levels and adjustments made to add more surface for ice to form.  The Ice Mountain on Festival Plaza is located near the Ice Skating Rink and the Casablanca Movie Theater.