How you might get a little extra time to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act

How you might get a little extra time to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act

If you're having trouble enrolling in a health plan under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you may be able to breathe a short sigh of relief. The deadline for open enrollment is next Monday, March 31, but the Obama administration has decided to allow extra time for some people who haven't been able to do so yet. Read more ...

Hello Maine Maple Sunday

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Today is Maine Maple Sunday!

Sugar houses all over the state of Maine are opening their doors to show you the process of maple syrup starts as sap and ends up on your breakfast table.

Follow this link to the Maine Maple Producers Association to find a sugar house near you.


We would love to see photos of your visits. Send a photo to, post on our WCSH 6 Facebook page or find us on Twitter @WCSH6.


Police seek suspect in vicious attack

FRYEBURG, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Police have released a sketch of a man they are looking for in connection with a brutal attack on a business owner.

Late Tuesday morning, the suspect brought a pregnant dog to Creature Comforts, a pet grooming business on Lovewell Pond Road, and asked the owner to help him help the dog.

When the business owner went to call a veterinarian for advice, the man became anxious and stated he was not going to go back to jail.  He then started beating the woman, first with a statue and then with cutting shears the woman tried to use to defend herself.

The woman told the man she had called the cops in an effort to protect herself, and her two year old child who was playing in a near-by room.  The man stole cash from her purse and a donation collection jar and fled.

Lucid Skis using real Maine wood

PHILLIPS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There's a type of ski that is becoming more and more popular in the mountains of Maine. Lucid Skis start as hard wood and end as hard wood and they're made right in the mountains of Maine.

The first pair of Lucids were made in 2010 and were offered for sale to the public by 2012. Today owner and founder, Nick Mukai can barely keep up with the orders that flood his Phillips shop.

"Not only skied really well, but looked cool and we ended up with a bunch of pre-orders," said Mukai.

The skis made from real Maine wood come in three options: Cannon, Harvester and Trip. The newest option for buyers are snowboards designed and crafted by John Markham Jr.

"The way I've made the board it flexes real well, you can turn real easily," said Markham.

Wood pellet producers ramp up production as demand grows

STRONG, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Despite reports of folks having a difficult time finding enough wood pellets to heat their homes, Maine's wood pellet producers say the issues have more to do with distribution than production.

At the Geneva Wood Fuels Mill in Strong, wood pellets are in production morning, noon and night.

"People are starting to embrace it a lot more," stated Jeff Allen, the plant manager.  "It's been steady.  Very, very steady."

Logs are brought to the mill and stripped of bark to help reduce the amount of ash created when the pellets are burned.  Then they are ground into chips and processed.

The wood chips are dried in a massive dryer before winding their way into machines that press them into pellets.

Environmentalists worry decision made in Canada could impact Maine

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- On Thursday afternoon, the Canadian National Energy Board ruled in favor of a project that will allow tar sands oil to flow east from Alberta Provence to Montreal, Quebec.

Environmental groups in Maine believe the decision paves the way for energy companies to seek to have tar sands oil flow from Canada to Casco Bay via the Portland Montreal Pipeline.

"Up until this point, the line that comes from Alberta down towards the New England border has not been able to carry tar sands," explained Lisa Pohlmann, executive director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine.  "So it is literally now at our doorstep."

While environmentalists believe the operators of the Portland Montreal Pipeline will now push to reverse its flow and pump tar sands oil onto ships docked in South Portland, and on to refineries around the world, a company spokesman says that is not the case.

Rusty Wiltjer's homemade ceramic drums

Rusty Wiltjer's Ceramic Drums

Rusty Wiltjer is an artisan in Waterford whose handmade ceramic drums have won international acclaim.

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