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Braving the need to explore

Braving the need to explore

After a weekend of entertaining my most favorite individuals, I rewarded myself with a day off. I decided, to myself, that I needed a day to really explore some of my thoughts, a day to tend to my shopping in a correct manner and a day to just exist without any real pressures. It's been a stressful few months, trying to introduce a business to an area that isn't quite ready for it yet and figuring out that right now, there are some other things that really need my attention. Eat Your Plate, my on-line bake shop venture, was surprisingly, an instant success. The flood of people that became my customers was almost shocking to me. I think a majority of that came from Harvest on the Harbor, an event that showcased my food and my idea extremely well. However, what I do is extremely rare. People who run a business, don't often shop for your ingredients specifically. Most businesses buy in bulk, able to cater to a wider audience and at a much faster rate.

Mid Coast Hospital’s Clinical Laboratory is Nationally Recognized and Certified for Excellence

Mid Coast Hospital’s Clinical Laboratory is  Nationally Recognized and Certified for Excellence

Mid Coast Hospital’s Clinical Laboratory is

Nationally Recognized and Certified for Excellence

The clinical laboratory at Mid Coast Hospital has been recognized nationally and recertified for excellence in services by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). The notification of certification followed an on-site inspection of Mid Coast’s facilities and equipment.

“The CAP review examines all of the records, processes, and quality control procedures of the laboratory during the proceeding two years and evaluates the competency and education of the staff and its overall management,” explained Sue Ross, MT(HEW), Laboratory Director.

“The high level of knowledge, skill, and commitment of all the laboratory professionals here at Mid Coast is the reason we are able to meet the stringent standards of the College,” she said.

Friday fun!

81st Annual Maine Drama Festival

In the upcoming weeks, over 2000 students from 70 high schools will be preparing for the 81st  Annual Maine Drama Festival.  
March 9-10, at eight regional competitions across the State, schools will present plays ranging from the classics to original student-written plays.  Schools compete in two classes: Class A (over 550 students) and Class B (less than 550 students). 

At each of the regional competitions, a panel of three judges will decide which performances advance to the State Finals (March 23-24).  The Class A finals will be held at Falmouth High School and Class B will be held at Yarmouth High School.  The outstanding performance at each State Final will be nominated by the judges to participate in the New England Drama Festival (April 26-28 in Guilford, N.H.)

The performance schedules for each of the regional sites will be available on the Maine Drama Council website 

Cianbro Looking to Hire Construction Workers Across Maine

Despite the challenges of the global economy in recent years, Cianbro continues to have an optimistic outlook and the desire and ability to put skilled Mainers to work in good paying jobs.  Cianbro currently has about 150 openings available for a wide range of skilled construction workers; jobs which the company is intent on filling immediately.  The hiring effort comes as the company prepares to tackle the largest backlog of projects in Cianbro's 63 year history, and follows on the heels of an earlier hiring campaign that brought an additional 250 team members into the firm last fall.

Cianbro is seeking Maine state licensed electricians and helpers who would be assigned to jobs in the Greater Bangor area, Brewer, Auburn, and various substations across the southern part of the state.  Structural iron workers and riggers are needed in Greater Bangor and Brewer.  Cianbro is hiring journey level millwrights, pipewelders and pipefitters for Greater Ban

We've got a broody hen!

We've got a broody hen!

We are so excited to report that we've got a hen that has gone broody!  What this means is that her mothering instincts have kicked in and she is nesting even though she doesn't  really have any eggs to sit on.  A broody hen will sit and sit all day long in one place only moving occaisionally drink and eat and then it's right back to the nest.  During this time she will not lay any eggs.  This is not necessarily desirable if egg production is your goal and so most hatcheries attempt to breed "broodiness" out of their chics.  Every now and then however the instinct seems to slip through!  Actually I think it is kind of exciting!  If I had fertile eggs we could hatch out chics!  One needs a rooster for fertile eggs but my neighor has a rooster and therefore fertile eggs.  The interesting thing is that a broody hen will accept eggs that do not come from her.  She will faithfully raise the chics as if they were her own.  In fac

Free Hospice Volunteer Training to Start in March

Free Hospice Volunteer Training to Start in March


CHANS Home Health Care Hospice and Volunteers Program is offering classes for individuals interested in becoming a Hospice Volunteer. The Volunteer Training Program will run for 10 consecutive weeks from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. on Thursdays beginning on March 1st in the conference room at the Hospice and Volunteer’s Building at 45 Baribeau Dr., Brunswick. A completed application and pre-training interview is required before being admitted to the training program.

This free training prepares individuals to deal compassionately and sensitively with end-of-life issues in a volunteer capacity.