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Yesterday's Shoot - Buddy to Buddy - Rumford Hospital
Yesterday's Shoot - Buddy to Buddy - Rumford Hospital

Yesterday my colleague Kim and I shot a Buddy to Buddy PSA at the Rumford Hospital.  Buddy to Buddy is our Breast Cancer Awareness program that encourages women to find a "Buddy" that can reminder her to do a breast self exam every month.  Check it out on our website here:

So we met a Mammographer named Karen Welch who is actually a breast cancer survivor.  She really loves her job and is able to share a special connection with her patients.  She likes to be able to calm their fears and tell them that there is hope especially if the cancer is caught early.  We had a lot of fun with her.  She roped a number of colleagues into the cover video shots.  If you see the spots Karen's sister is in the shot with the doctor looking at the X-rays and our own Amanda Hill's Aunt is the one walking down the hallway on Karen's right!  Turns out Amanda grew up in that area and lots of people at the hospital were asking after her.

Then of course it was ICE CREAM TIME so we asked for a good place to try.  Karen mentioned SCOOPS and it is located on Prospect Ave.  CLICK HERE to see it in Google Maps.  I got Chocolate Rainforest Crunch and Kim got Black Raspberry Soft Serve with chocolate sprinkles.

I have never been to Rumford or Mexico before.  I was floored by how large the mill complex was.  I was also impressed with the large waterfall.  It's so obvious to me that years ago it was popular to locate mills near all that potential energy harnessed in the falls.  Wow!  I also enjoyed seeing all the farm land.  After all I'm still a farm GEEK at heart!


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