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The Peterson Project

Where: The Smilin' Moose Publyck House & Tavern, South Paris, ME
When: Saturday, 7/16 7-10 pm
Who: The Peterson Project
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The Peterson Project is a bluesgrazz acoustic trio (blues, bluegrass & jazz mash-up), formed in 2009. Working a single mic, they slide from one genre to another, sometimes mid-tune. Mark Peterson's voice is smooth, his blues harmonica commanding; when not taking the lead it supports the back beat for Mike Conant's bluegrass-style instrumentation (guitar, banjo, and occasionally frenetic fiddle). Keeping this train on the tracks is jazz standup bassist Tim Clough. Tim not only keeps the heartbeat going but frequently takes this ensemble to places where the tracks don't go. It's a work in process (that's why it's called a project); no two performances are the same.

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