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Cheese Tasting Event
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Rising Sun Cafe and Bakery
With the holidays just around the corner, menu planning starts soon, and we locavores start looking at our hometown options. To find those options check out the Collaborative's selection of baking supplies: local flours, eggs, salt, and milk. Or for those time pressed locavores, look into the bakeries (Rising Sun, Hungry Hollow, and Beep's Bakery) who supply us with fresh breads, cookies, pastries and more--just what you need to make this Thanksgiving special.
To start off, take a look at Rising Sun Cafe and Bakery. Located on 130 Main St. in South Paris, just next to McDonald's and across from McLaughlin Gardens, Rising Sun Café and Bakery has supplied the greater South Paris area with baked goods, lunch items, and meals-to-go for the past 5 years. Baker Sarah Chaput, a graduate of Paul Smiths College, co-owns and operates Rising Sun with her husband, owner Randy Chaput, and a carefully trained staff.

The Bakery offers some exciting Thanksgiving possibilities. Enjoy dinner rolls dripping with butter, fresh French bread, slices of jalapeno or multigrain bread, apple pies, blueberry pies, cookies, cakes, and pastries. It's hard to go wrong with anything you choose. All Rising Sun products are made with attention to taste and quality.
But the benefits of shopping with Rising Sun don't stop with the quality. When it comes to shopping, we've learned to think, "You get what you pay for." Getting the best, we've been told, is not compatible with staying within your budget. However, locations like Rising Sun set those notions spinning on their heads. Rising Sun manages to offer high quality at affordable prices. With the large portion sizes, excellent taste, and freshness Rising Sun offers, the benefits of spending that little extra money on a muffin, for example, far outweigh those of purchasing a stale, bland, and small muffin for just a little less. You don't just "get what you pay for" at Rising Sun. You get far more than what you pay for.

Those interested in more lunch options should check out the cafe's menu: Turkey Gobbler Sandwiches, Chicken Apple Walnut Salads, Rising Sun Wraps, daily quiche specials, and more. For those individuals with allergies, check out the gluten-free bread and muffins available by special order.

For any Thanksgiving orders, whether regular items or specialty, make sure to meet the order deadlines. The Collaborative will stop taking in-store orders Monday the 22nd at noon and and online orders, Saturday the 20th. Rising Sun requires a 48 hour notice.   

Rising Sun's winter hours follow:
Monday-Friday 6am-3pm
Saturday 7am-2pm

Thanksgiving week, Rising Sun will stay open the following hours:

Monday-Tuesday: 6am-3pm
Wednesday: 6am-5pm
Closed Thursday-Sunday

Christmas week, Rising Sun will stay open for their regular hours through the December 23rd and will close at 2pm on Christmas Eve.
Cheese Tasting Event
Come join us for a cheese tasting on November 13 from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Learn about cheese tastes, types, and textures. Expand your entertaining savvy. Discover new wine and cheese pairings. Seating limited. Reserve a spot today!

For a reservation, contact Patricia Verrill: 207.674.5903 or email

No wine served.

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